Isän Erivapaus

A tough start
A blog for your campaign

Our adventurers had decided to band together, fight the forces of evil, and rid the plane of pestilence….alas, the cleric was called away to his temple by a runner delivering news of possible espionage and theft. Without him, our band of stalwart explorers were relegated to Eros’ relation’s pest exterminators.

Once in the basement of the aunt’s opulent house, they discovered not a storage cellar or dark crawlspace infested with rats, but indeed a crypt teeming with kobolds. With no time to wonder what these particular vermin were doing here, the pair of heroes went to work on dispatching their surprised foes.

After a bitterly enduring battle, of which both our heroes and our villains learned that weilding a weapon in combat is no easy task and death nearly reaches his chilling grip upon our heroes more than once, the kobolds are vanquished and auntie’s basement is clean and quiet once more.


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